Loose Incense Blends

Loose Incense Blends
Brand: Etsy - ReasonOfTheWitch
Color: Dark Olive
10.4 GBP
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Loose incense blends 0.5 oz of 8 different mixed resins, herbs, & spices per metal tin The full ingredients list will not be listed to protect our unique recipe, however, you can contact us if you have any allergies or sensitivities & we will let you know what blends are safe for you & we have provided 3 of the ingredients so you can get an idea of the blends :) These are burned on a charcoal disk which are available separately if you need them! These are also not pre-ground but we can crush them up in a morter & pestle for you before packing if requested! Main line blends Happiness - Nettle, rose, copal, & more Protection - Rubbed sage, cinnamon, rosemary, & more Serenity - Yarrow, valerian, lavender, & more Fortune - Basil, clover, ginger, & more Spirit - Mugwort, rose, angelica, & more Loose Incense Blends