Long Olive Green Window Box Style Handmade Metal Planter

Long Olive Green Window Box Style Handmade Metal Planter
Brand: Etsy - MetalGardenPlanters
Color: Green
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Handmade Item Materials used are Repurposed Roofing Materials, coated Steel Made to order Strong, durable, heavy duty item Built in Drainage Handcrafted in Lincolnshire Colour Swatch available 100mm x 100mm 3.95 inc Postage - just message for details. Perfect for a Balcony, Fence, Patio, Decking, Hot tub surround, Driveway edging, Garden edging, greenhouses, Window Ledges, Kitchen Garden, Urban Gardening, City Gardening The planters are fantastic on your window, rooftop, patio, drive, balcony, anywhere you need a splash of colour! No need to spend hours weeding, turning soil or digging. These hard wearing, recycled, repurposed roofing sheets have become unique handmade metal planters add that splash of colour. The material is 0.7mm gauge, high quality coated roofing material (usually seen on industrial roofs & cladded side walls). Olive Green is only available in a plastisol leather grain finish on the exterior of the planter, This finish is well respected in the roofing / cladding industry. This planter has the option to add a detachable black rubber safety edge on the top rim, it is hand riveted in place with matching rivets. I do my utmost to file all sharp edges but please do take care if purchasing without the rubber trim. They are strong & sturdy, with built in drainage. To extend the life of the planter I do recommend lining it prior to planting but that is personal choice. If you chose to line in a pond liner is fabulous for the job, but tin foil works just as well. Gardeners grit, a layer of leaves, moss anything to add texture & nutrients are great as a base layer before the soil, then add plants & layer up again with soil, leaves, moss & watch your mini garden thrive. POSTAGE - I am so sorry but I am not able to post any order over 1m (100cm) in length to Scottish Highlands, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight or Northern Ireland due to postage limitations which Etsy is unable to incorporate in our settings. Please do message me as I do have some options & can provide a personalised quotation. All of the planters are handmade, in Grantham Lincolnshire using prime industrial roofing materials, many are made from material which would of otherwise been destined for the scrap metal bin, this does mean the the finished item may have the odd scratch or dent but nothing detrimental to its planter use, these off cuts are from the roofing sheets, & cladding materials which we supply to both the general public & the industrial roofing trade. Long Olive Green Window Box Style Handmade Metal Planter