Kickin' Orange Aromatic Mediterranean Spice Blend

Kickin' Orange Aromatic Mediterranean Spice Blend
Brand: Jida
Size: One Size
8.95 GBP
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At last, you have found that spice that will give any dish the edge it’s been begging for! Oh-so-versatile, the perfect dry or wet rub, it livens up chicken, oven-baked veggies and pasta seasoning with its sweet paprika, firey mustard seeds and aromatic herbs. This blend is so versatile, we find ourselves sneaking it into absolutely everything!This blend is a masterpiece! It’s a perfect balanced spice blend that captures each one of its ingredients in the most magical way. Each ingredient in this blend was grounded and crushed in a different method and consistency to create a blend that all ingredients could speak for themselves but still live-in harmony side by side. not given Ingredients: Paprika, Mustard Seeds, Cumin, Basil, Oregano, ThymeHeads up! It May contain traces of nuts or seeds