Jukes8 Non Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé Case

Jukes8 Non Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé Case
Brand: Jukes Cordialities
Size: One Size
48 GBP
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The Sparkling Rosé is perfumed, delicate, refreshingly crisp and apple cider vinegar-based. Jukes will definitely lift your mood!Case of 12x250ml cans The Sparkling Rosé is 0.0% alcohol and 100% plant-based.Each case contains 12x250ml cans.Tasting notes: The main flavour thrust is based on melon, pomegranate, pear, rhubarb and apple, with the careful addition of vegetables and other herbs and spices that contribute to impact and detail. There is a faint ozone tang which hints at a shoreline vibe while ensuring that the palate is super-sleek, firmly dry and very long. not given Handmade in London, Jukes are a blend of organic apple cider vinegar, fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs and spices.Ingredients: Carbonated water, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, cucumber, watermelon, pear, melon, raspberry, apple and rhubarb.0.0% ABVNutritional value per 100ml:Energy: 89 KJ / 21 KcalFat: 0.4gOf which saturates: 0.3gCarbohydrates: 4.2gOf which sugars: 3.5gProtein: 0.3gSalt: 0.1g