Indian Block Terracotta Planter And Drip Tray

Indian Block Terracotta Planter And Drip Tray
Brand: Little Brick House Ceramics
Size: One Size
26 GBP
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An original handmade terracotta planter with base drip tray and added plant marker. not given These terracotta planters have been hand printed with an Indian Textile block to create the pattern around the edge of the planter and on the centre of the drip tray. Each planter has been hand stamped, turned and shaped on a whirler wheel. The planters have a central hole to ensure adequate drainage for happy plants. The drip tray also features a Indian textile block design and will catch any surplace water from your plants. Intended for indoor plants and succulents, however these planters are also suitable for exterior use and will happily survive the colder temperatures.Each planter is made individually and the entire process is by hand, please allow for slight differenciation and slight colour differences due to the firing processes.The planters look great grouped together or situated with existing planters, making them the perfect addition to any plant enthusiasts collection. A welcome gift choice for any gardener or budding house plant collector.A single terracotta plant marker will be included with each purchase for those that like to label their plants. These are also stamped at the top with an Indian textile block. Terracotta clay