Hildegard - Saint Powdered Incense

Hildegard - Saint Powdered Incense
Brand: Etsy - DocBastianConjure
Color: Orange
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HILDEGARD - SAINT HILDEGARD - inspires writers & musicians. The making of loose incense requires a good balance of ingredients in order to create the lasting, smoldering effect that incense is known for. Our loose incense is what is called self-igniting, meaning, we added in makko powder so that it will light on its own without having to burn it over charcoals. However, you may choose to burn it on charcoal disks along with other raw herbs, resins, flowers & barks. Each type of incense incorporates the herbs & essential oils that were historically used for that specific magical purpose. Incense has been used for thousands of years for prayer, spiritual purposes, to scent the air, drive way insects, & for protection & purification. 1/3 cup of loose incense makes plenty of burnings. Hildegard - Saint Powdered Incense