Herb Seeds And Accessories Kit 12 Varieties

Herb Seeds And Accessories Kit 12 Varieties
Brand: Garden Pack
Size: One Size
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Start growing your own garden with All-in-one Seed Growing Kits by GARDEN PACK and enjoy the fun and benefits of indoor and outdoor gardening! not given not given Garden Starter Kit Includes:✔ 12 Packets of Seeds - enough for multiple plantings✔ 2 Gardening Gloves with Claws - superior quality rubber✔ 6 Peat Pots - goes back to nature✔ 6 Bamboo Plant Markers - natural look and easy to recognize✔ Easy-to-follow Growing Instructions - easy-to-follow guide✔ Bonus Gift - 1 extra seed packet✔ Giftable box - beautiful design makes it a pretty giftSeeds included:BasilCorianderOreganoMarjoramDillParsleyChamomileGarden CressMelissaCreeping ThymeChivesSagePot Basil