Herb Garden Seedcell Selection Box

Herb Garden Seedcell Selection Box
Brand: Grow Sow Simple
Size: One Size
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A collection of quick growing eco friendly herb pods. The Mixed Herbs selection box is perfect for small space and windowsill gardening. Seed Varieties Included: 3 x Basil, 3 x Coriander, 3 x Parsley, 3 x RocketHow it works:1. Fill a plant pot with good quality compost & water well.2. Place your pod into the compost until almost submerged.3. The pod will absorb the water from the compost and feed nutrients directly to the seed.4. When your plant becomes big enough plant out into a bigger plant pot or directly in the ground. The pod will eventually fully biodegrade leaving no waste! not given The pods are made from 100% recycled industrial waste which is stripped of any bleaches, acids or other chemicals and does not contain peat; peat bogs, being one of the largest natural resources of water in the UK are important to preserve. Planting SeedCell® prevents sending tonnes of industrial waste to land fill each year by putting the materials to good use.Each biodegradable, plantable seed pod is pre-sown with high quality seeds and comes ready to plant; just water the soil and plant the seed pod. Once planted, the seed pod will absorb and retain the moisture it needs whilst feeding water directly to the seeds using our patented water absorbing technology. The pod protects the seeds as they begin to germinate in a safe micro environment, before breaking down naturally leaving zero waste and high quality healthy plants.