Happy Birthday Wildflower Seeds In A Matchbox

Happy Birthday Wildflower Seeds In A Matchbox
Brand: Marvling Bros Ltd.
Size: One Size
9.95 GBP
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A miniature jar of wildflower seeds and a birthday candle. not given This beautiful Happy Birthday Matchbox contains a miniature bottle of wildflower seeds, with the message ‘bloom and grow’.These seeds can be easily sown in a container and full growing instructions are included.There is also the essential item for any birthday - a birthday candle. Turn the matchbox over to reveal ’the icing on the cake’ ready for the lucky recipient to place the candle, light it up and blow it out to make the traditional birthday wish.A lovely keepsake for a birthday, this item is also available with the birth flowers seeds for every month of the year.This matchbox fits through a standard letterbox. Card, wax, glass, Contains mixture of following according to availability: Common Agrimony 1%, Borage 7%, Wild Clary 4%, Red clover 3%, White clover 1%, Corn cockle 8%, Cornflower 6%, Ox-eye daisy 5%, Wild Foxglove 3%, Common Knapweed 6%, Greater Knapweed 5%, Purple loosestrife 1%, Wild Marjoram 1%, Meadow Cranesbil 1%, Musk mallow 5%, Common Poppy 5%, Ragged robin 2%, Sainfoin 7%, Field Scabious 7%, Small Scabious 3%, Teasel 1%, Bird’s-foot trefoil 2%, Kidney vetch 2%, Viper’s bugloss 2%, Yarrow 5%, Yellow Rattle 7%.