Handmade Stoneware Pink Speckled Beaker

Handmade Stoneware Pink Speckled Beaker
Brand: Chilled Indigo
Size: One Size
15 GBP
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These pink speckled beakers are handmade in Cornwall using local Cornish clay and are perfect for your morning coffee. They can even be used as planters for succulents or serving up desserts - who knew a beaker could be so versatile! Glazed with a velvety smooth, matte finish. They also stack for easier storage.The beakers are individually handmade so there can be slight variations between each piece, making each beaker unique.Hand washing is advised; microwaves and ovens are not recommended. Each piece is thrown by hand on a potters wheel and is part of a range which also includes large and small planters. not given Stoneware Handmade in Cornwall.