Handmade Stone Hanging Ceramic Plant Pot

Handmade Stone Hanging Ceramic Plant Pot
Brand: Habulous
Size: One Size
30 GBP
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Hanging outdoor or indoor planters in a gorgeous variety of pastel colours. A beautiful hanging decoration as well as a home for your plants. The other unique colours we offer means you can mix and match at your leisure. Please note: as each piece is handmade, yours may differ slightly from the ones shown in the images.Due to how we fire these pieces, there may be some warping of the pot, however this does not affect the look of the piece when hanging.Sold individually. Plants not included. Stoneware clay, glaze, waxed cotton string.Our practices aim to be as sustainble as possible. Some natures of ceramic production, such as the firing, are not as sustainable as we’d like them to be, however we are eco-friendly wherever we can. Pottery production is overall much less harmful for the environment and a good, long-lasting replacement for plastics.We recycle our clay and use sustainable packaging.