Handmade Seed Paper - 4" × 6

Handmade Seed Paper - 4" × 6
Brand: Etsy - KCJCPrinting
Color: Red
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If you have a request for a color you don’t see here, feel free to reach out & see if we can accommodate! We will be adding more colors soon Our seed paper is flattened on 1 side to write or stamp on & LOADED with Wildflower Seeds on the other! We want to ensure germination & beautiful flower blooms from our 21 Variety Wildflower Seed Blend that we use to make each sheet of paper! We also add beautiful, flower petals grown organically from our home garden to add color, texture & composting material to support flower growth! You can write with ball point pens, gel pens or use rubber stamp & ink on the flattened side of the paper & when you are ready, plant the entire sheet of paper or cuts of it to grow beautiful flowers! Planting & flower care instructions are included (1 per order - more at no fee with request) This seed paper is hand crafted using recycled paper, organically grown flower petals & leaves/stems & is loaded with wildflower seed mix. (Seed info further down in description). We also include one, 3D printed, Wildflowers Plant Label per sheet of seed paper ordered - (labels in the photos are customized for party/wedding/shower favors as found in our other shop listings. You can customize your labels to say anything by messaging me or entering text in the personalization box. You can also request labels in any color you want the same way. If you don’t specify - I will send labels that simply say Wildflowers. Seed Paper Information: This seed paper is handcrafted using recycled paper Wildflower Seeds (Detailed Seed Information listed below). The Flower petals that are added to the paper are harvested from my own garden, so the colors of petals will vary based on what is growing at time of paper construction. If you have an allergy to any flowers, please request more info from me regarding specific flowers used in your seed paper. Flowers are grown organically & no chemicals are used in the making of this paper. Each sheet of seed paper is hand made awwwand therefor thickness, edge shape, size & texture varies slightly with each piece. Each piece measures about 4x6 however, exact sizes may vary slightly for each sheet. Plant Label Information: Each plant label is 3D Printed using Pla + filament. They can be personalized to say just about anything you would like. You can choose to have Wildflowers printed on label or you can substitute/add text by indicating that in the personalization box. You can also choose label color by indicating your choice in the personalization box. These plant labels can be used indoors or outside as they are printed using PLA + filament - which is reported by manufacturers to withstand temperatures up to 125F, UV Rays & Weather! Because the labels are made from plant derived, biodegradable, plastics, they are environmentally friendly & reusable! Color choices for labels: Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, Magenta, or White. If you don’t see the color you are looking