Grow Your Own Pet Comforter

Grow Your Own Pet Comforter
Brand: Marvling Bros Ltd.
Size: One Size
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A novel gift for a cat or dog owner. not given A cute ‘Pet Hospital’ containing a miniature bottle of Valerian seeds and full instructions to make a cat toy/dog comforterWith it’s charming illustrations, a useful addition to your herb garden and tips for alternative uses for Valerian, this makes a fun and educational gift for gardeners and animal lovers.Valerian root is renowned for its relaxing properties on animals as well as humans and this matchbox gift contains full instructions for making your own cat toy and/or dog comforter.This is a part of a whole ‘Grow your own village’, so collect all six to make full a Rainbow Village and grow a complete herb garden, with surprising uses for your plants.This gift will fit through a standard letterbox. card, glass, cork, seeds