Grow Your Own Herbs Gardening Gift Set

Grow Your Own Herbs Gardening Gift Set
Brand: Kenneth & Kenneth
Size: One Size
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Unique garden gift set featuring coriander, parsley and basil seeds, the grow bag, and the tools you need to grow your own delicious herbs. not given This gift is designed for gardeners, those who want to add a rustic touch to their garden and anyone who loves growing their own fresh herbs.Lemon Coriander, Parsley, and Basil are hearty and wonderfully fragrant herbs and provide an essential addition to any kitchen. For those who are conscious about what they eat, then what better than having the tools to grow your own. The black felt grow bag has handy carry handles, and can be used on porches, patios, balconies, or even your kitchen window sill. Easy to use, just set the bag down, add soil and plant - it couldn’t be simpler!This gift is suitable for a variety of occasions, such as: birthdays, anniversaries, house warming, Christmas, etc. It is also a great family gift to get children engaged in gardening and learning more about the herbs they eat. The grow bag is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.This collection contains Nutscene products, a leading gardening brand to ensure a quality product. Bought as a gift, this box is the perfectly refined gesture to ensure they feel totally spoilt whatever the occasion. Black Grow Bag; x3 Wooden Plant Markers; x3 Seed Envelopes (Lemon Coriander, Parsley, and Basil); Nutscene Jute Twine; Wooden Miniature Gardening Tools designed for sowing seeds; Gardening Gloves; Metal Herb Scissors.