Grow Your Own Cutting Garden Seed Kit

Grow Your Own Cutting Garden Seed Kit
Brand: Glenstocken Herb and Plant Co.
Size: One Size
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Create your own beautiful cutting garden with our seed kit. not given Each kit contains4 x packets of flower seeds - all of which make ideal cut flowers for arrangements such as Scabiousa, Larkspur, Cornflower, Cosmos or Ammi Majus.A biodegradable seed tray to start someof your seeds off inPeat-free compost discsFull planting guideWe can also gift wrap your seed kit.Glenstocken Herb and Plant Co. is a family run business on the shouth west coast of Scotland and all of our kits are put together by hand.Sustainability is very important to us, as well as the seed tray within your kit being biodegradable, all of our packaging is a minimum of 90% recycled and 100% recyclable, right down to our postal tape. Our boxes and stickers are also compostable and we only use water-based inks in our printing.With every order that we make of our boxes for our kits a certain number of trees are also planted - thank you for helping to make that happen…told you it was important to us!We have several different seed kits available to choose from including:Kitchen Herb GardenBBQ HerbsGin Lover’s GardenAll can either be grown outside or inside. Box: recycled and recyclable cardboardSeed tray: biodegradable coirSeed Packets: recyclable kraft paper