Green Fingered Kids Grow Your Own Sunflowers Set

Green Fingered Kids Grow Your Own Sunflowers Set
Brand: Kenneth & Kenneth
Size: One Size
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This unique gift is designed for green fingered kids. Including the tools to grow sunflowers this set is the perfect educational present. not given This set contains the seeds, tools, and planters kids needs to get their hands dirty and plant their own sunflowers.In order to germinate your sunflowers place the coir disk into the fibre pot and add approximately 30ml of water, allow the disk to expand for around 3 minutes. Loosen the expanded coir wiht a fork and sow one of the seeds into the pot. Keep the remaining seeds for future use. Keep the pot in a warm, out of direct sunlight, and moist (but, don’t overwater). When the seeds have sprouted (1-2 week approx.) move them into direct sunlight. Once they are 5cm tall repot them in the planters or directly to your garden.This gift is suitable for a variety of occasions, such as: children’s birthdays, Christmas, Easter etc. It is also a great family gift to get children engaged in gardening and learning more about the plants around them. Great for inquisitive kids who are keen to learn a new skill, or parents who want to get their kids outside and entertain them with an exciting and educational gift.We would advise adult supervision when this gardening set is being used. Sunflower Seeds; Yellow Terracotta Pot with 2xCoir Disk; Plant Marker; Colourful Miniature Gardening Spade; Kids Gardening Gloves; x2 Green and Yellow Fibre Seed Pots; and Softbound Notebook and Pencil