Gourmet Spices Five Pouch Collection, Choose Any Five

Gourmet Spices Five Pouch Collection, Choose Any Five
Brand: Life of Spice
Size: One Size
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A five pouch collection of Life of Spice products in a beautiful satin black presentation box - the ideal gourmet spice gift for anyone A full set of recipe cards (one for each product) is included with this set - from Buffalo Wings and Mexican Fajitas, to spiced Memphis Ribs and Italian Peppered Steak. Our recipes are continually being updated as well, so you’ll always have ideas to inspire!Salts, spices and herbs - The secret ingredient of all the top chef’s in the world.All our spices are hand blended in small batches to allow for ultimate freshness.This gift set would make an ideal Father’s Day, Birthday, Wedding or Housewarming gift for the foodie in your life.All our herbs and spices are packaged in stay-fresh pouches to allow the product to reach you at it’s maximum quality and freshness. One of the biggest problems with storing herbs and spices is the damage done to the flavour (and colour) by damaging ultraviolet light, so please avoid decanting into clear jars/pots. We can provide a personalised message tag for this product. Choose from the following:Rubs:Memphis Belle: an authentic Tennessee barbecue rub to provide a Southern taste sensation. Net weight 60gRub Me Tender: a classic rub containing essential herbs and spices to add instant appeal to your dishes. Net weight 50gMuch Adobo About Nothing (2015 Great Taste Awards ★): an authentic Adobo seasoning blend which is perfect as a rub. Net weight 50gFifty Shades of Grey (2015 Great Taste Awards ★): subtle hints of fennel infused with zesty Earl Grey Tea will whip your tastebuds into a frenzy. Net weight 38gPepper Smurf: a classic Italian Peppered Steak rub with a few extra herbs to get your tastebuds singing. Net weight 38gSavannah Gold: A delicious mustard and garlic rub to give a taste of Georgia at it’s stunning best! Net weight 60gSweet Home Alabama: A superb Southern spice rub that offers rich smoky heat and fragrant herbs. Net weight 40gKansas City Rib Rub: A classic Kansas City barbecue rub to provide a true taste of the Midwest. Net weight 60gWagga Wagga Mama: A rich and versatile Australian BBQ rub containing Mustard and Coriander. Net weight 60gHasta Barista Baby: Coffee adds beautifully rounded and nutty tones to a great barbecue rub. Net weight 60gThe Satay Club: A versatile Satay rub named after the street food hawkers by Raffles Hotel in Singapore. Net weight 60gThe Brazilian: A Tempero Baiano Spice blend from Bahia that brings the favela to your table. Net weight 50gRub Me Long Time: A classic Thai Red Curry dry rub with mild heat and exotic Asian spices. Net weight 60gFidel’s Revolution Rub: Bring the revolution to your table with the fusion of cultures in Cuban cooking. Net weight 60gMontreal Canadien: A classic Steak rub with Gallic flair from the culinary capital of Canada. Net weight 60gSalts:The French Connection: sea salt infused with rosemary and thyme for use in a range of classic dishes. Net weight 75gThe Italian Job: sea salt infused with basil, thyme and citrus to bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your table. Net weight 75gTequila Sunrise (2015 Great Taste Awards ★): sea salt infused with chipotle and chilli flakes to add a shot of smokey heat to your dishes. Net weight 75gSingapore Sling: sea salt infused with ginger and chilli flakes for use with Asian inspired cuisine. Net weight 75gDuke of Earl: sea salt infused with Earl Grey tea to add a touch of sophistication to your dishes. Net weight 75gHerbs:Herbes de Provence: a classic herb combination to give all foods a Mediterranean flavour. Net weight 20gHerbes de la Garrigue: a robust blend of herbs from the Mediterranean offering sage and basil on top of rosemary and thyme. Net weight 20gFines Herbes: a classic blend of delicately fragranced herbs for use with sauces and lighter dishes. Net weight 14gBouquet Garni: a heady combination of herbs for use with more robust sauces, stews and casseroles. Net weight 20gItalian Herbs: a classic selection of Italian herbs to give that authentic Trattoria taste to pizza and Italian dishes. Net weight 20g