Gourmet Six Pouch Herb And Spice Gift With Recipe Cards

Gourmet Six Pouch Herb And Spice Gift With Recipe Cards
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A six pouch collection of Life of Spice gourmet herbs and spices in a stylish satin black gift box - the perfect gift A full set of recipe cards (3 for the rubs and 3 for the herbs) is included with this set - from Buffalo Wings and Boeuf Bourguignon, to Memphis Ribs and Herb Crusted Prawns. Our recipes are continually being updated as well, so you’ll always have ideas to inspire!Rubs are one of the simplest ways to add a huge flavour hit to your foods. For great barbecues, simply rub the meat with a generous spoonful of rub. If grilling, you may want to add olive oil or mayonnaise to keep the meat moist.All our spice rubs, salts and herb blends are hand blended in small batches to allow for ultimate freshness.This gift set would make an ideal Father’s Day, Birthday, Wedding or Housewarming gift for the foodie in your life. We can provide a personalised message tag for this product. Memphis Belle (rub): an authentic Tennessee barbecue rub to provide a Southern taste sensation. Memphis Barbecue Ribs are traditionally cooked and eaten dry with a barbecue sauce served as an accompaniment if wanted. For this reason, the meat needs to get all it’s seasoning from the rub. Here we have a classic dry rub that’s equally ideal with all types of beef and chicken.Uses: Superb with beef and chicken. Try rubbing on ribs and slow cooking in the oven or barbecue. Memphis Beef Brisket comes out pull-apart delicious.Ingredients: paprika, demerara sugar, sea salt, sugar, mustard, celery seeds, pepper, onion, garlic, chipotle and rice flour. Net weight: 60gRub Me Tender (rub): a classic rub containing essential herbs and spices to add instant appeal to your dishes.Uses: Superb with chicken or pork. Use as a dry rub for barbecuing. Mix with a little olive oil and rub into chicken before grilling.Ingredients: paprika, sea salt, thyme, celery seeds, marjoram, pepper, garlic flakes, garlic, onion, bay leaves and rice flour. Net weight: 50gThe French Connection (salt): sea salt infused with rosemary and thyme for use in a range of classic dishes. What more is there to say. The classic French combination of rosemary and thyme to bring many foods to life.Uses: Excellent with chicken, pork and vegetables. Sprinkle generously on a chicken before roastingSprinke over new potatoes or carrots before roasting.Ingredients: sea salt, rosemary, thyme, basil, marjoram and savoury. Net weight: 75gThe Italian Job (salt): sea salt infused with basil, thyme and citrus to bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your table. This salt can be used with chicken and pasta dishes. Also great used in risottos or on pizza toppings.Uses: Excellent with chicken and pasta. Use in pasta sauces to add zing. Try it with risottos. Great as a sprinkling on pizzas.Ingredients: sea salt, basil, thyme, lemon peel, orange peel, oregano and citric acid. Net weight: 75gHerbes de Provence (herbs): A classic blend from the south of France, the individual herbs used and their ratios vary from house to house and village to village. Our Herbes de Provence recipe comes from a traditional french recipe.Uses: Excellent with chicken and pork. Try basting chicken with olive oil, lemon juice and Herbes de Provence. Roast new potatoes in olive oil and Herbes de Provence. Great added to soups and stews.Ingredients: rosemary, thyme, basil, marjoram, savoury and lavender. Net weight: 20gItalian Herbs. A classic selection of Italian herbs to give that authentic Trattoria taste to pizza and Italian dishes. Use this blend for a quick burst of Italian inspired flavour. Sprinkle Italian Herbs over chicken prior to cooking or stir into minestrone soup for a real depth of flavour.Uses: Excellent with chicken or tomato based pasta and pizza dishes. Add to pizza dough. Use in all tomato based pasta sauces. Sprinkle over chicken before baking with garlic and lemon.Ingredients: oregano, thyme, rosemary, basil, marjoram and sage. Net weight: 20g