Geometric Basket Planters

Geometric Basket Planters
Brand: The Basket Room
Size: One Size
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A stunning celebration of 100% natural dyes: striking black, brown and white stripes combine in a most striking, geometric effect. not given Available in three different patterns 1. Fine Stripes & Checks2. Diamonds3. Bold Stripes 100% Sisal GrassThese unique woven baskets will bring a splash of natural Kenyan colour to any corner of the home. Pop yours in the larder for storing fruit or veg, or use it in the bathroom for tidying away loo rolls or toiletries. They look most stunning offset against the green foliage of a house plant. For these women’s groups, basket weaving is a portable, income-generating craft, and it takes place primarily during the dry seasons where crop production dwindles. Each basket comes with a thank you card from the cooperative who made yours.