Garden Herb Oil Gift Pack

Garden Herb Oil Gift Pack
Brand: Supernature Oils
Size: One Size
15.95 GBP
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Our Herb Gift Box Set of four 100ml bottles of infused Supernature Oil, in delicious Basil, Rosemary, Garden Mint and Dill flavours. The perfect foodie gift and a great way to introduce your family and friends to the wonders of cold-pressed rapeseed oils - the Supernature way!Basil infused is delicious drizzled over sliced tomatoes and mozzarella and makes great roast vegetables. Rosemary infused is lovely to marinate lamb or a splash adds a twist to soups and stews. Garden mint infused works wonderfully over new potatoes, peas or a pea salad. Dill infused is the perfect partner for fish, try stirring into ordinary mayonnaise to make a dill mayonnaise. Also available in Thai Selection and Classic sets. Our cold pressed rapeseed oil derives its unrivalled smooth and light, buttery taste from the way we plant, grow, harvest, dry and press our oilseed rape crop. The long daylight hours of a Scottish summer, and cool climate nurture the plant to produce the highest quality of crop. With half the saturated fat of regular extra virgin olive oil, our oils have 28g of polyunsaturated fat per 100g; proving to be a health benefit in reducing bad cholesterol and boosting good cholesterol. Hand bottled at Carrington Barn Farms. Our passion is for producing the highest quality of oil, which we press in small batches on demand, so our customers get the freshest oil.