Full Pack Of 57 White Waterproof Organisation Labels

Full Pack Of 57 White Waterproof Organisation Labels
Brand: Oikku
Size: One Size
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We have made it as easy as possible to organise your home with this full pack of our most requested labels. Matt white, minimalist design and waterproof.The labels can be washed and wiped, but not put through the dishwasher.All labels are pre printed and can not be personalised, we do sell fully personalised labels in various shapes, sizes, colours and fonts in our shop.The pack includes the following -6 x Baking Labels - (8cm x 8cm)PLAIN FLOUR - RAISING FLOUR - CASTER SUGAR - ICING SUGAR - BROWN SUGAR - COCOA POWDER (With BAKING at the bottom)6 x Laundry Labels (8cm x 8cm)SOFTENER - SCENT BOOSTERS - STAIN REMOVER - WASHING POWDER - WASHING TABLETS - COLOUR CATCHER (With LAUNDRY at the bottom)6 x Pasta Labels (8cm x 8cm)SPAGHETTI - FUSILLI - LINGUINE - PENNE - CONCHIGLIE - MACARONI (With PASTA at the bottom)6 x Tea/Coffee Labels (8cm x 8cm)TEA - COFFEE - DECAF TEA - DECAF COFFEE - HOT CHOCOLATE - SUGAR (With ESSENTIALS at the bottom)6 x Dry Goods Labels (8cm x 8cm)COUSCOUS - RICE - LENTILS - OATS - PASTA - CEREALS (With ESSENTIALS at the bottom)12 x Bottle Labels (7cm x 6.5cm)2 x SHAMPOO (BATHROOM at the bottom) 2 x CONDITIONER (BATHROOM at the bottom) 1 x BODY WASH (BATHROOM at the bottom) 1 x FACE WASH (BATHROOM at the bottom) 2 X HAND WASH (HOME at the bottom) 1 x HANDS (KITCHEN at the bottom) 1 x WASHING UP LIQUID (KITCHEN at the bottom) 1 x BATHROOM (SPRAY at the bottom) 1 x KITCHEN (SPRAY at the bottom)15 x Spice/Herb Jar Labels (5cm x 5cm)CORIANDER - CARDAMOM - CUMIN - CURRY POWDER - GINGER - PAPRIKA - TURMERIC - GARAM MASALA - CHILLI - CINNAMON - BAY LEAVES - ROSEMARY - THYME - OREGANO - MIXED HERBS (With HERBS & SPICES at the bottom)PLEASE NOTE THIS PRICE INCLUDES JUST THE LABELS AND NOT THE JARS IN THE PHOTOS. not given Waterproof vinyl.