Full Moon Herbal Spell Vial

Full Moon Herbal Spell Vial
Brand: Etsy - Squidified
Color: Dark Olive
Size: custom
10.4 GBP
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Cast on a full moon for Abundance, Prosperity & Protection, this vial contains full moon water, graveyard dirt, roses & the following homegrown herbs: Aloe to soothe stressors, Chamomile for comfort & soothing, Dandelion & Dill for strength & vitality, Lemon Balm for health & success & Mullein for prosperity & abundance. The emotional strength of water & the mystical powers of the moon are represented in Aloe, Chamomile & Lemon Balm, while the fiery strength & stamina of the sun is represented in the Dandelion, Dill & Mullein, representing balance in our affairs & health moving forward. As shown in the photographs, this spell was also cast using blue & white candles, Blue Moon Violas & Full Moon Incense. Enjoy in good health! Full Moon Herbal Spell Vial