Freshly Made Double Mint Foot Balm

Freshly Made Double Mint Foot Balm
Brand: Field Fresh Skincare
Size: One Size
22 GBP
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Freshly made skincare uses natural ingredients at their best - packed with minty freshness this foot balm soothes and revitalises tired feet A completely fresh, all natural foot balm. The restorative combination of herbs, oils butters and waxes are a minty treat to keep feet fresh and ready for action. An infusion of restorative spearmint plus refreshing peppermint essential oil are combined with softening walnut butter, caring beesewax and penetrating borage, comfrey and mullein oils - ideal for the tough skin feet. A nourishing and moisturising balm to keep feet healthy and supple, it’s help feet take their daily pounding in their stride. not given All natural ingredients. Herbs and seed oils souced from temperate grown plants.A spearmint infusion and peppermint essential oil make this truly zingy and plant seed oils, walnut butter and beeswax provide softening care.