Foods For Sleep Cookery Course

Foods For Sleep Cookery Course
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Sleep is the body’s recovery phase of the day. This is when muscles can repair and the brain can recharge. What you eat and drink can have a dramatic effect on your sleep patterns but there are many strategies you can use to promote good sleep, including making changes to your diet, as some foods have sleep-promoting properties. Insufficient sleep causes us to seek out high-calorie foods the next day. This medicinal cookery class incorporates foods that can help quality of sleep, containing rich amounts of melatonin and serotonin into exciting and tasty recipes in a simplistic way. You will learn what ingredients can relax your body and help you feel rejuvenated. You will learn to cook a wide range of simple, healthy dishes using fresh and easily available ingredients. You will discover the medicinal benefits of selected herbs and spices with an explanation of the importance of certain nutrient groups.Sample recipes include:- Kiwi & cherry almond milk smoothie- Walnut, spinach & citrus salad with wild salmon- Turkey burgers with greek yoghurt coleslaw- Banana & cardamom cakeOur hands-on cookery classes include the ingredients, food preparation and cooking equipment, and drinks. You will prepare and cook dishes around the KitchenJoy island and can enjoy eating your dishes together with the group on the long dining table. There will also be some left over foods for you to take home to share with your loved ones.LOCATION: All courses take place at KitchenJoy, Chiswick W4DURATION: 2.5 hoursWHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Our hands-on cookery classes include the ingredients, food preparation and cooking equipment, and drinks. Maximum 6 persons per class. VOUCHER DELIVERY. An e-voucher will be delivered to your registered e-mail address once your order has been accepted by the seller (normally 24-48 hours after purchase). If you choose an optional voucher pack, this will be sent by post to your chosen delivery address; see the top of this page for estimated delivery dates. Your pack will contain a printed gift envelope, wallet and printed voucher and will be delivered free of charge.