Flavoured Sea Salts Collection With Seven Salts

Flavoured Sea Salts Collection With Seven Salts
Brand: Spice Kitchen
Size: One Size
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Using a range of gourmet ingredients carefully blended with the highest quality sea salts, our flavoured salts transform the humblest home cooked food. All salts will come in its own individually packed and sealed bag to retain goodness and freshness, and avoid spillage during transit. Also ideal as a corporate gift.FREE RECIPE GUIDE INCLUDED With every order, you will receive a complimentary Recipe Guide. Learn how to bring your dishes to life using our beautiful Salt blends. Each order contains these 7 high quality flavoured salts:5 Herb Sea Salt (30g)Basil Blended Sea Salt (30g)Tomato Blended Sea Salt (30g)Chilli Blended Sea Salt (30g)Onion Blended Sea Salt (30g)Garlic Blended Sea Salt (30g)Rosemary Blended Sea Salt (30g)We love them scrunched and sprinkled on scrambled eggs, mixed with butter to create a quick delicious sauce or rubbed into meats, such as steak, for extra flavour. Get creative, with a simple pinch you can transform a simple dish into a showstopper!Features and benefits:Great Taste Award Winner 2015BBC Good Food Show Producers Bursary Award 2015Featured on BBC1 Hairy Bikers January 2017Blends are made fresh in small batches and stored in releasable packets to reduce exposure to air, meaning more freshness and flavour when you come to use themIdeal as a gift for someone specialA free recipe guideA must have for any foodie with a passion for cooking and who loves their saltsNo additives, meaning that you have our guarantee about the ingredients High quality sea salt, herbs and spices