Figgy Pud Season Modern Christmas Cards Eco Friendly

Figgy Pud Season Modern Christmas Cards Eco Friendly
Brand: AballoneStudio
Size: One Size
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Figgy Pud Season A6 christmas cards with a modern yet cosy feel for those festive pudding lovers! Range of warm festive colours and pack sizes. Finally, it’s figgy pud season…who doesn’t get excited for this?! Add some fun and humour to your gift sending this year with a christmas dinner inspired card, perfect for figgy pud lovers! Delight your family and friends with these gorgeous, minimal christmas cards, perfect for a festive mantle. Packs are available in one colour or with an even amount of each colour, which is a great way to tailor your card to different tastes. Each card comes paired with a kraft envelope for a fully eco friendly product. Available in four different colour designs:Snow, Oak, Berry, Forest. Also available for all colours (for packs only, not single cards)Available in different pack sizes:1, 4, 12, 20 Printed lovingly in house on 300gsm sustainable speciality uncoated SFC certified paper with a kraft envelope included, and packaged in entirely eco friendly packaging. Eco Friendly and sustainable.