Every Child Matters Pin

Every Child Matters Pin
Categories: Health Care, Medicine
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Color: Orange
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Survivors talked about children who suddenly when missing. Some talked about children who went missing into mass burial sites. Former TRC chair Murray Sinclair, May 2021. My grandmother once told my father about how she would see children attempt to escape & run away, to never see them again. It was always hoped in her mind that they made it, but you could see that even she knew the dark truth of what happened to those children. Canada has a dark history, & the world is now learning of it’s depths. Though we cannot go back in history & prevent the atrocities that occurred, we can work together, as equals to bring these lost children finally home, we can move forward, & finally start to heal. The center bead, is purple, to represent our spirit. The body of the pin is orange, because every child matters. The edging, is of our medicine wheel, so we may move forward together, & heal, grow, & finally have generations on earth learn, & future generations learn, so it may never happen again. These pins have a push pin, so the pin can even spin. Fun for those who need to fidget. Every Child Matters Pin