Enamel Hanging Planter

Enamel Hanging Planter
Brand: Bohemia
Size: One Size
16 GBP
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The Enamel Hanging Planters are made entirely by hand using hammers to raise the surface of the lightweight enamelled iron. The dot design takes inspiration from the skin of a cactus, while the organic jute string and subtle shades create a beautifully natural look, especially when paired with your favourite houseplants.Handmade in India in the Moradabad region of the country, a renowned center for skilled metalwork, we work with our enamel and metalwork artisans to continue to develop contemporary applications for centuries-old skills and techniques.A beautiful and thoughtful gift for a friend or present to yourself, the hanging plant pots come in two sizes. Mix and match sizes and colours together in a group or hang singularly to make a statement. Available in two sizes and two finishes:AquaLilac Enamelled iron with jute rope handles. Please contact us with any questions and we’ll be happy to help.