Dragon Fruit Fresh Seeds | 20+ | Hylocereus Undatus Pitaya Pitahaya Same Day Dispatch

Dragon Fruit Fresh Seeds | 20+ | Hylocereus Undatus Pitaya Pitahaya Same Day Dispatch
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Please find for sale 20+ Seeds.Red Dragon Fruit seeds (Hylocereus Undatus), freshly harvested in June 2022. See picture of my own babies! I achieved close to 100% germination. I also sell Dragon Fruit cactii if you want to save yourself some time. See my other items for sale. ALL ORDERS RECEIVED BEFORE 8PM WILL BE DISPATCHED SAME DAY INSTRUCTIONS - TO SAVE PAPER I NO LONGER SEND OUT WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS TO CUSTOMERS. INSTRUCTIONS ARE BELOW SO PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS PAGE. FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME WITH ANY GROWING QUESTIONS. Hylocereus Undatus, commonly known as the red dragon fruit is a species of non-spiny cactus. It is used both for its ornamental value & as a highly nutritious fruit. Dragon fruit are really interesting & pretty easy to grow (see my own little babies in picture 3!) - they are actually climbing plants that will require some means of support. They produce beautiful flowers that last just a single night as well as the tasty fruit with its white flesh & black seeds. Growing in the UK Dragon fruit are native to warm arid climates & for growth prefer temperatures from 16-25c. in the UK they ideal plants for greenhouses or conservatories. The plants can be outside during the summer in most parts of the UK, however, they need to be protected from frost. Sowing Instructions Soak seeds in a glass of water for a day Prepare a light free draining compost mix - I use 50% compost, 25% vermiculite & 25% horticultural sand Ensure compost if moist but not wet - if it has been outside allow it to warm up indoors first (or microwave it) Sow seeds on surface of the mix & gently press in to the surface to ensure good Cover seeds with a fine layer of vermiculite or sand Cover loosely with a clear bag (to maintain humidity) & keep soil temperature circa 20-25c - a heat mat is ideal. Cool soils will significantly delay seed germination time & may inhibit germination completely. Dried seeds normally need 4 to 8 weeks for germination. There is a handy video here with handing sowing tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UU9hlOEapi0 Olly’s General Guide to Seed Sowing! I love sowing seeds & it runs in the family - dad, granddad & finally my great-granddad for whom the hobby helped him get over his experiences in the Great War. I still get a big kick when I see the first seedling poking through from a new plant that I have never sown before or been successful at. However, even the most experienced gardeners draw blanks from time to time. Whilst I sow all the seeds that I sell so I know that they are viable, some are trickier than others & problems can arise so here are some tips to make blanks few & far between: 1) Dont Rush! Tempting though it is when that packet arrives in the post to simply bung the seeds in some compost! 2) Google & Youtube are your friends! Take some time so see the methods other people use to germinate the seed. 3) Think Nature! What conditions do seeds face? For example a seed from a tropical plant will fall to the warm, wet & dark