Dorchester Wooden Garden Arch With Planters

Dorchester Wooden Garden Arch With Planters
Brand: Garden Selections
Size: One Size
159.99 GBP
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An elegant and strong arch that comes complete with ground spikes and 2 wooden planters This Wooden Arch with our pair of planters is elegant and yet strong enough to support the most abundant of climbing plants such as honeysuckle, clematis or rambling roses. These arches will also create a stunning effect if intertwined with more than one plant variety and will fit in perfectly whether used to separate different garden areas or as a frame for a walk through.They have trellis sides topped by a smoothly curved arch and the four sturdy feet can be sunk into earth, a concrete trench or used with metal ground spikes (included).When assembling, please drill pilot holes for the screws attaching the metal braces to the side panels, as the screws can shear if this is not done Treated with a Tan coloured preservative 2 Planters and ground spikes included Sturdy wooden construction Creates a stunning feature Perfect for climbing plants not given FSC wood