Detox Herbal Tea | Neem Wellness Holistic Living Tree Bush Healthy Cleanse Gut Healing Energy

Detox Herbal Tea | Neem Wellness Holistic Living Tree Bush Healthy Cleanse Gut Healing Energy
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Detox Herbal Tea | Neem Herbal Tea | Wellness Tea | Holistic Living | Neem Tree | Neem Bush | Healthy Tea | Cleanse Gut | Healing Energy Tea Fast shipping. Live Healthy With - Jamaica Organic Wellness Loose Leaf herbal tea. We Serve With One Love BECAUSE WE CARE… The island of Jamaica has over 80% of the world holistic herbs & medicinal plants. All our herbal teas are grown with love in direct sunlight, where they can get energy directly from the source. We usually dry our teas in the shade with the leaves intact to allow the nutrients & natural energy to stay within until consumption. They worked wonders for our family when we all got sick in the pandemic. Everything is energy, & everything creates a magnetic field around itself. A plant or herb is no different, they all vibrate on different frequencies, & from time to time, they will change their frequencies to adopted accordingly to other conditions in their environment. Have you ever noticed that the house plants in your home are almost always cared for by the same house member? It is because the energy of the plants can easily align itself to that individual’s energy frequency when the plant needs attention. For the plant, it is effortless as the individual vibrates on a frequency with which the plant can easily communicate. in quantum physics, the study shows that most illnesses happen because of the lowering of frequency & the body is functioning incoherently. When the energy in your body is not in flow with the atoms, molecules, tissues, chemicals, cells, organs, & systems, the body will not work coherently. The lowering of energy often occurs when the body experiences long-term stressful fight or flight situations. Herbs are great to help you on your holistic quest & bring your body inflow. They know the energy blockages & the correct energy centers to target. Herbs can help you attune your energy into the different layers of your beings & raise your vibration frequency. It can help you create brain & heart coherence & help you stay in balance. When it comes to your holistic wellness journey, ensure to add herbal teas to your product list. Don’t panic; everything is organic - Our teas are grown without any pesticide, herbicide, pollution, & Non-GMO. They are all in their natural form, with no added preventives. You are welcome to Google any or all of these herbal teas for their holistic benefits. The world finally woke up to the wonders of herbal teas; this tradition has steeped in the Jamaican culture for generations. Many Jamaicans got their first taste of ‘bush tea’ when they were only a few months old. Nearly every Jamaican has had to consume these bush teas. The community elders swear by the various benefits of these plants & herbs on their holistic wellbeing. As the Jamaicans would fondly say, No problem. These ancient herbal teas aren’t only used for you to cozy up with at the fire. Neem tea is one of our teas that you don’t need to have a reason to enjoy. These potent