Demeter's Tea Blend

Demeter's Tea Blend
Brand: Etsy - HillandHollerHerbal
Color: Yellow
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This caffeine-free tea inspired by the goddess Demeter is a great way to wind down before bed or at any time you need a relaxing moment just for you. Calming herbs like chamomile blend beautifully with soft, fruity notes of orange & peach to create a warm, golden tea. As Demeter is the goddess of farming & motherhood, her tea was created with flowers of the field & fruits of the orchard with mothers in mind. 0.5 ounces: 17 servings 1 ounce: 35 servings Every ingredient is 100% organic & sustainably sourced & packaged in 100% reusable or home compostable packaging (including the labels!) Every order is made by hand in small batches, in a sterile environment & includes many homegrown & foraged herbs from my home! I hope you love this tea as much as I loved making them for you! Ask your doctor before ingesting any herbs you’re unsure about. When taken in excess, damiana leaf can cause insomnia & headaches. This tea is not intended to be used for medicinal purposes & should not act as a medicinal supplement. Demeter’s Tea Blend