Cumin Seeds | Cuminum Cyminum Organic

Cumin Seeds | Cuminum Cyminum Organic
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Color: Green
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Seeds are sold by weight. Numbers are approximate. A bright little annual for hot dry areas. Cumin loves the heat & it is very drought tolerant, it prefers sandy soil but is not fussy as long as it is well drained. Must have full sun. Growing only to about 12 inches (30 cm) the bright white or pink flowers bloom in mid summer & are followed by aromatic seeds. Idea for hot dry areas where little else grows. Cumin likes a hot climate but it will grow in more northern climates as long as there is enough heat & sunshine. However it needs quite a while to develop so for higher zone (5 & above) it is recommended that the seed be started indoors in late winter & grown to larger plants for transplanting out when the temperatures become warm enough Cumin Seeds | Cuminum Cyminum Organic