Coffee Plant And Retro Ceramic Planter, Perfect Gift

Coffee Plant And Retro Ceramic Planter, Perfect Gift
Brand: Stupid Egg Houseplants
Size: One Size
20 GBP
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Ahh, coffee! How about growing your own?These are just adorable and a real talking point. Perfect for your elevensies! These coffee plants in retro styled ceramic planters are great gifts. The plant is Coffea Arabica - it’s the real deal - it is the most cultivated species of coffee across the world and thought to be the first species to be cultivated.Will it grow coffee beans? Maybe! After about 4 yearsm if condtions are right, the plant will produce flowers in the summer and then fruit in the autumn. Each fruit contain two coffee beans. If you are lucky you may harvest enough for your very own home grown cup of coffee! These 9cm retro ceramic planters make this duo the perfect centrepiece. The coffee plant has naturally lush and shiny, deep green leaves.Available in 8 different designs (while stocks last).They are adaptable to a variety of environments and require only dappled light and watering when the top of the soil feels dry, don’t let it fully dry out not leave them sitting in water. Ceramic, soil, coffee plant

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