Chilli Fresh Herb Sea Salt Seasoning Jar

Chilli Fresh Herb Sea Salt Seasoning Jar
Brand: The Fresh Herb Salt Company
Size: One Size
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Chilli, garlic & parsley sea salt seasoning in a reuseable glass kilnclip jar 100g A fresh chilli, parsley & garlic sea salt seasoning which absorbs all the natural oils from the herbs and chilli creating an incredible flavouring for all your favourite recipes. With the old fashioned idea of preserving summer fresh herbs from the Mediterranean, we pride ourselves in handmaking and producing in Norfolk this aromatic collection of fresh herb salts with our own unique method.Birds eye chillis are used which offer either a warmth and sweetness if used sparingly or for those who like to pack a punch just add a pinch more! Fantastic on Avocado & Lime Sourdough with poached egg and endless other uses. No fuss, quick, ready to use, convenient, sustainably and ethically sourced with zero waste and with a refill service. Our chilli sea salt last for 6 months plus!Perfect for ther Cook in your life - him, her, friend, student. Chilli, garlic & parsley Refill Pouch 100g Chilli garlic & parsley organically approved sea salt 100g glass kilnclip jarUse as a salt. Recycable card label printed with vegetable ink. Best before 6 months The Fresh Herb Salt Company, Shotesham, Norfolk NR15 1XX