Chicory Grown in Usa 2 Pound Slow Roasted Non-Gmo

Chicory Grown in Usa 2 Pound Slow Roasted Non-Gmo
Brand: Etsy - OzarkMountainHerbs
Color: Gray
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Our Chicory is non-GMO & grown, produced, & packaged in the United States. This chicory is low-heat slow-roasted to a provide better flavored Dark French Roast with less acid than imported fast-roasted products. Roasted Chicory Root is a health-boosting alternative to coffee. Chicory Root is loaded with inulin fiber (a prebiotic & soluble fiber) & it is caffeine-free. Our Chicory Root is superior as a alternative to coffee & caffeine-free. Chicory Root is also great for mixing a New Orleans blend using 1/2 or 3/4 chicory to coffee. Chicory has been used for years by commercial manufacturers to make & transform a lower quality coffee roast into a more flavorful richer & bolder blend with lower caffeine. Some of our customers like to mix it with a little coffee for that New Orleans taste, others like it for making a latte. You can brew like a tea or use it in a drip coffee maker, french Press or even a Strainer Bulb. Chicory makes a great Iced Drink too. Make just like you would make Iced Coffee, but enjoy Iced Chicory all day because it contains no caffeine. We purchase only the Highest Quality Slow Roasted Chicory Root Granules to package this product. We then package it in a sealed jar with a screw-top lid or a sealed resealable bag for your convenient use. Available in several sizes, 4 oz. bag, 8 oz. bag, 14 oz. bag, 8 oz. jar, 16 oz. jar, 24 oz. (1.5-pound) bag, 32 oz. (2 pounds) bag, & 80 oz. (5 pound) bag. If you don’t see the size of interest here on this listing, please visit our Etsy store to see available sizes. Our jars (container) are made from High-Quality PET Recycle-able plastic. This jar is of the quality to be reused by refilled it from larger bags of Chicory Root which are less expensive per ounce. Our bags are high quality stand-up barrier bags with a zipper closure to ensure freshness. Each jar or bag is hand-packaged & sealed by us in our FDA registered climate-controlled facility located in Ozark, Missouri. USA Chicory Grown in Usa 2 Pound Slow Roasted Non-Gmo