Chai Tea -Organic Immune Boosting Anti Inflammatory Blend With Fresh Ground Spices

Chai Tea -Organic Immune Boosting Anti Inflammatory Blend With Fresh Ground Spices
Brand: Etsy - GeorginaCyr
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My Chai Tea blend with herbs specifically to enhance immune system health & provide anti inflammatory properties for a taste good tea that makes you feel good too !! The whole spices have been fresh ground the day of blending the tea, so I make the tea in small batches to keep it fresh. Just like fresh ground coffee, the fresh grinding of the herbs the day of packaging enhances the aroma & flavor. The tea is fairly concentrated so you can start with 1/2 teaspoon & if you like it stronger or spicier add a tiny bit more at a time. Basically the amount is 36 Tablespoons, each tablespoon can be used for up to 3 cups hot water, best used in a press. Contains all Organic ingredients of: Pu’erh Black leaves, Cardamom (fresh ground) decorticated cardamom, Cloves (fresh ground), Back peppercorns (fresh ground), White peppercorns (fresh ground), Allspice (fresh ground), Dehydrated ginger root (dried shredded, also powdered), Ceylon Cinnamon (powder & fresh ground), Turmeric (powder & fresh ground), Astragalus root (dried shredded), Ashwagandha (dried shredded), Star Anise (fresh ground), Bay Laurel (fresh ground), Nutmeg (powder), Vanilla bean 9fresh ground by hand with mortar & pestle)and a bit of fennel seed (fresh ground). So soothing, slightly spicy & tastes lovely. I include free samples of my other herbal teas with every order !! If you order more than once, I give samples of my other products too !! Reviews have been that it is soul soothing :) Your tea is a loose leaf tea & will be in a re sealable, stand up pouch bag. The tea releases more herbal properties when allowed to freely flow through the hot water, so will be stronger when simmered in a small pot of water & strained or brewed with a tea press. :) You will receive 2 ounces in a resealable stand up pouch bag Shipping from Canada to United States takes 10 -14 days to get through customs usually, but if you would like it express shipped to arrive in 5-7 days, there is an option at the shipping to have the express ship for an additional $16.00 This product & information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure a health issue or disease. Please consult a licensed medical professional, as well as a pharmacist to ensure there are no contra indications before using any herbal products. Not intended for use when pregnant or nursing. Chai Tea -Organic Immune Boosting Anti Inflammatory Blend With Fresh Ground Spices