Ceramic Heart Herb And Vegetable Markers

Ceramic Heart Herb And Vegetable Markers
Brand: Juliet Reeves Designs
Size: One Size
15 GBP
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Get in to the ‘Home Grown’ spirit, with these ceramic vegetable and herb markers! A great unique gift for any garden lover who loves growing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs in their garden. Each marker has been stamped with various fruits and vegetables. A great gift for Christmas or Birthdays. Please write in the box provided which markers you would like in your set of 5.Text Options (Please pick 5 to make up your set):BasilParsleyMint Sage Thyme Rosemary Dill MarjoramChivesLavenderOreganoOnionPotatoesPepperTomatoBeansCucumberCorianderCarrotsChilliLettuceStrawberriesGift boxes are available. Stoneware clay.