Ceramic And Drift Wood Wall Planter

Ceramic And Drift Wood Wall Planter
Brand: Little Brick House Ceramics
Size: One Size
23 GBP
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A stoneware and driftwood wall planter impressed with wild flowers. not given These wall planters are individually made by tearing slabs of clay and impressing wild flowers into the surface, this creates a beautiful impression of the flowers and stems into the clay. The planters are fired high so that they can be used for exterior use if prefered. Each planter is unique in appearance as the shapes vary and the driftwood that is attached for hanging have been found, cleaned and attached. The surface of the clay has been given an oxide wash, which leaves a matt appearance and deepens with colour in the areas where the flowers have been printed.The planters are ideal to hold air plants and small succulents and make an individual gift for the recipient.Please allow for differentiation due to the nature of the making process and the wood used. StonewareSteel wireDrift Wood