Cedarwood Pure Essential Oil

Cedarwood Pure Essential Oil
Brand: Indigo Herbs, Glastonbury
Size: One Size
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Oil of Juniperus Virginiana extracted by the steam distillation method. Earthy, sweet and woody aroma. Aroma: base note. 100% Pure. Cedarwood Pure Essential Oil 10ml from Indigo Herbs is a relaxing and sedative aromatherapy oil, with an earthy and woody yet floral scent. With a long history of traditional use, Cedarwood was used by the Native Americans in purifying ceremonies and to calm the body whilst purifying the mind. Use in a diffuser, as part of an aromatherapy oil blend or in a relaxing bath. Cedarwood is known for its use in treating cystitis, as an astringent, anti-septic and diuretic it can help the recovery of the bladder and urethra. Cedarwood is also known to be good for skin care, particularly in the case of an oily complexion.BLENDS WELL WITH:Sandalwood, Juniper berry, Cypress, Vetiver, Patchouli, Benzoin, Rose and Pine.For cystitis use: Cedarwood, Juniper berry and tea tree.Using Aromatherapy in your daily routine is simple, easy and can be enormously beneficial. Pure neat essential oils can be evaporated into the environment and inhaled while products that have already been diluted in an oil can be applied straight to the skin. There are lots of different ways to utilize the pure neat essential oils; these can be made into a room spray or used in an an essential oil burner/ vaporizer. not given 100% pure botanical ingredients, absolutely nothing added.