Buy 2 Get 1, Water Hyacinth

Buy 2 Get 1, Water Hyacinth
Brand: Etsy - ShibaGarden
Color: Green
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Water Hyacinth: Pontederia crassipes, commonly known as common water hyacinth. size normally in Med/Large: 6-8 inch -Water Hyacinth can filter the water for pond. - fish’s shelter, & food provided. -grow fast in semi shade/sunny. -blooms in summer. -minimum growth temperature is 12 oC (54 oF); its optimum growth temperature is 25-30 oC (77-86 oF); its maximum growth temperature is 33-35 oC (91-95 oF), & its pH tolerance is estimated at 5.0-7.5. sometimes plants need time to recovery after shipping in the package for 3-5 days. Please contact us, PRE your purchase, if you have ANY questions or concerns. We only ship healthy plants. There is a NO refund, exchange, return or cancellation policy Buy 2 Get 1, Water Hyacinth