Bumble Bee Hand Painted Trio Set With Drainage Tray

Bumble Bee Hand Painted Trio Set With Drainage Tray
Brand: Holly Tamara Illustrations
Size: One Size
46 GBP
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A beautiful colourful set of 3 hand painted plant pots and tray with a bumble bee pattern. The perfect gift for all plant lovers and plant parents. This is an indoor plant pot trio that will bring a pop of colour to any room! This plant pot trio set is suitable for any small plant or flower, the most popular use for this trio set is to grow herbs. It just adds something extra to your herbs that a plain plant pot just wont do. The drainage tray for this trio set is unpainted but will still be sealed. All of the pots are sealed with a protective coating and have a drainage hole on the bottom of each pot. All plant pots are packaged with eco friendly packaging. This plant pot trio can be customised with any colours, please just leave a note of which colours you would like. Made from Terracotta. These plant pots are only for indoor use, they are not suitable to be outside.