British Birds Lavender And Chamomile Sleep Pillow

British Birds Lavender And Chamomile Sleep Pillow
Brand: Robin's Room
Size: One Size
18 GBP
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A hand printed lavender and chamomile small herbal sleep pillow, showing british garden birds. Made from high quality UK linen. This small hand printed pillow is made from quality Irish linen and filled with British wool.Sized to be useful on journeys, as a neck pillow or for yoga and relaxationContains fragrant Yorkshire lavender and organic chamomile, both herbs are renound for their relaxing and sleep inducing properties.We use a combination of hand printing techniques to create this design from an original lino cut..The inks used are professional quality and eco friendly. We make a very small run of each print and mix fresh colours each time. Therefore slight variations in colour make each piece unique. This size of pillow is available in other designs. Please visit the Robin’s Room shop front to view other variations. Herbal sleep pillows in other designs are also available in a larger 30 cm x 40 cm size. Made from a fine Irish linen which contains no synthetic fibres.Robin’s Room sleep pillows contain a mixture of dried Yorkshire lavender and organic chamomile flowers along with 100% recycled wool fibre to make them nice and soft.This item is not suitable for washing due to the content and should be spot cleaned when neccessary. The herbs are contained within a muslin pouch so if washing is really neccessary they can be removed and the pillow cover washed by hand.This is a plastic free item which is 100% biodegradable at the end of use. The herbs contained are long lasting however the herbal pouch can be replaced when eventually needed to prolong the life of the item.