Box Of Hoodoo Sale

Box Of Hoodoo Sale
Brand: Etsy - WitchyWitchy
Color: Black
28 GBP
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A hand stained, hand waxed wooden box, using natural dye & wax, filled with Hoodoo magic! This collection includes one ounce each(appropriately seven teaspoons) Lucky shoe powder, to bring good luck & make sure you are walking in the right direction ‘, Three Kings powder, for prosperity & success, Hot foot powder, to make enemies leave! Approximately 4 teaspoons of Controlling powder & Return to me powder. All blended from various herbs, plants, barks, roots & resins & hand ground using a pestle & mortar. These can be used to lay tricks or for use in rituals. There are two oils, lucky black catcontaining hair from a black cat, and come to me oil both taken from a master blend that was made using plants, barks & resins. Oils can be used for candle dressing. There is also a green felt gris gris bag to help draw money. This is an ideal starter set, for those that wish to enter the magic of conjure. Box Of Hoodoo Sale