Blue Tourmaline in 14K White Gold Pendant - Indicolite

Blue Tourmaline in 14K White Gold Pendant - Indicolite
Brand: Etsy - NaturalRockShop
Color: Blue
Size: M
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Indicolite Tourmaline in white gold pendant stone size: 14x11mm stone weight: 9.05 ct white gold: 2.03 grams This is a gorgeous & rare blue green tourmaline blue stone set in 14k white gold. Blue Tourmaline also knows as indicolite is said to increase psychic abilities. This is a useful tool for those who wish to come in contact with spirit guides or serve as a medium. Blue tourmaline is also said to help clear the mind of thought in meditation. Green tourmaline is said to bring vitality & encouragement in finding physical vigor & connect with spirituality through the physical body. It is said to open the heart chakra & support healthy heart function - it is a more physical connection with the body than the pink variety of tourmaline known for its emotional healing of the heart. Green tourmaline is knows as one of the best stones to use for self healing. Green Tourmaline is also known as an aid in connecting to the plant kingdom, facilitating healing through herbs & natural means. It is said to help one’s green thumb working to promote the growth of healthy, rich & abundant gardens & it is helpful for connecting with all aspects of the plant kingdom & natural world. Blue Tourmaline in 14K White Gold Pendant - Indicolite