Beginner Grow Your Own Veg And Herb Kit

Beginner Grow Your Own Veg And Herb Kit
Brand: Pot Gang
Size: One Size
25.99 GBP
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The seasonal grow-your-own veg and herb kit for gardeners who need a bit of a hand. We find the world of growing veg and herbs a bit confusing and ‘gardeningy’, so we’re making it straightforward and fun.The seeds change each month. This month it’s Alpine Strawberries, Shallots and Pea Shoots.Each of our grow-your-own kits contains:3 x bags of seasonal veg or herb seed3 x pots3 x proper simple growing guides15 litres of coconut compost with added nutrients3 x gang stickersWe’ll teach you how to grow veg in pots, providing all the bits and bobs you need.Lezz grow. not given We use peat-free coconut compost. It’s made from coconut shell fibres that would otherwise go to waste from the coconut water industry.It’s a more sustainable choice than most traditional composts, which drain peat bogs and emit carbon.

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