Bee Herbal Garden Seed Multi Pack Collection

Bee Herbal Garden Seed Multi Pack Collection
Brand: Earthsong Seeds
Size: One Size
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6 packs of medicinal herb seeds to grow your own Bee Herbal Garden. Perfect eco Christmas gifts for nature & garden lovers. not given Everyone loves a herbal garden! We do, the bees do, the butterflies do… and in this garden there is something for everyone.Just as some plants are especially good at helping the health of bees by giving more pollen and nectar, so too are some plants good at supporting our health. The Bee Herbal Garden is a selection of herbs that are equally as valuable for the bees as they are for the herbal apothecary.Grown from seed, these perennial herbs take a little longer to flower in their first year, after which they will bloom continuously for six months every year. Starting with thyme in the Spring, ending with goldenrod in the Autumn, these flowers provide the bees with an abundant supply of food; in return, the bees provide an essential service in pollinating the herbs.Each collection comes with sowing and growing instructions and our website has lots of home-apothecary recipe ideas.Earthsong Seeds is a small land-based enterprise in the Chew Valley, in North Somerset in the UK. We are passionate about herbs and are on a mission to empower people to take greater control of their health and wellbeing by growing their own herbs and making their own herbal preparations. 100% plastic free & recyclable.