Beautiful, Vintage, Miniature Cauldron/Offering Bowl, Brass with Basketweave Design, Twist Handle, Perfect For Altar/Travel Altar, Excellent

Beautiful, Vintage, Miniature Cauldron/Offering Bowl, Brass with Basketweave Design, Twist Handle, Perfect For Altar/Travel Altar, Excellent
Brand: Etsy - RowanWoodCrafts
Color: Copper
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Here, we have a beautiful & absolutely delightful, vintage, brass, miniature cauldron. This little cauldron was made in India, & it has a lovely, embossed basketweave design & twist handle. It stands approximately 4.20-inches tall with the handle raised. The bowl portion is approximately 1.70-inches tall & approximately 4.25-inches in diameter at the mouth edge. So, this miniature cauldron would be ideal for a small altar or a travel altar, or as an offering bowl, or even as part of the decor in your sacred space. It is in excellent vintage condition, with some signs of wear (particularly in the interior of the bowl), but no dents or other damage. (Please look at the listing photos carefully before purchasing any vintage item, so that you can be the final judge of condition.) Because this miniature cauldron is not appropriate for serious spell work, in that it is not made to withstand the high heat of a charcoal round with burning herbs, for example, it would be perfect to use as an accessory. For example, it would be beautiful on your altar, filled with the herbs or pieces of bark that you will be burning in your larger cauldron. Likewise, it would make an ideal offering bowl, or a perfect place to keep your incense resin or cones, your small crystals or beads, or whatever small supplies you need easily accessible. It would also make an adorable trinket bowl in your sacred space or as part of your home decor. in addition, with a nice thick layer of sand on the bottom, it would make a lovely burner for incense cones. (I would not use it for charcoal rounds & resin, however, because of the intense heat that a charcoal round can generate.) Finally, it would look absolutely lovely on your altar as a planter for a small plant. However you decide to use or display this miniature cauldron, we are confident that it will serve its new owner well for many years to come, & become a treasured altar tool that can be handed down to the next generation of magical practitioners. As a long time collector of vintage & antique art glass, Victorian furniture, & other vintage items, I always like to point out that purchasing these beautiful pieces, which have stood the test of time, is buying green, with an eye to protecting & preserving our Mother, the Earth, & all of the creatures & plants that call this planet home. These beautiful pieces were manufactured years ago, & because I use the terms vintage & antique in their strictest sense (at least as they are used in the art glass world) when describing art glass & other vintage & antique items, you will know that every piece described as vintage is at least 25 years old, & every piece described as antique is at least 100 years old. The only negative impact to our environment that results from purchasing these pieces today is caused by their shipment. Otherwise, however, it has no negative impact on either our environment or our fellow workers today. Note on Shipping: While we generally ship every day,