Batch Of 25 Seeds Black Beauty Zucchini-Squash

Batch Of 25 Seeds Black Beauty Zucchini-Squash
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Zucchini are herbaceous plants known & appreciated for their gustatory flavors, thanks to the thinness of their skins they can be consumed entirely. The Black Beauty squash also called Green Milan squash is tinged with dark green & can reach up to 60 cm in length. Non-tender & delicate, it is usually picked quite young. Low in calories, the zucchini will accompany many dishes by adding a touch of lightness & color. Sowing: March to June. Harvest: June to September. Zucchini is known as an easy to grow vegetable. Sow your seeds in a sunny spot in a fresh, fertile & drained soil ideally enriched with compost. Place your Black Beauty Squash seeds in clusters of 3 to 4 seeds in your soil. Keep a close eye on your plants during the development period, as they tend to grow quickly. We advise you to harvest your zucchinis when they reach 25 cm length to guarantee good gustative qualities. You can keep them in the freezer for many weeks after harvesting. Batch Of 25 Seeds Black Beauty Zucchini-Squash