Bag Of Eight Summer Herb Barbecue Lighters

Bag Of Eight Summer Herb Barbecue Lighters
Brand: Hunter Gatherer
Size: One Size
15 GBP
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The prettiest barbeque lighters around. Filled with chillies, bayleaves, lemons and pine cones These summer heb barbeque lighters make the most lovely hostess and summer party gift and great for father’s day. Each bag has eight barbeque lighters inside - two with chillies, two with bayleaves, 2 with lemons and two with pine cones. The wax is infused with thyme and lemon oil.These are not suitable for gas barbecues but if you have the original kind with charcoal or if you are off to the beach take some of these with you. Place in some newspaper and cover with the charcoal light the wick - soon the barbeque will be lit not given wax, cones, chillies, bayleaves, dried lemons, thyme and lemon oil